Donations for Our Lady of Guadalupe Festivities

Once again we give thanks to every one of you who donated for the Guadalupe Festivities. This includes everyone who donated food, flowers, your decorating talents, your clean-up abilities, and anything else that needed to be done.

Of course, this also includes those who donated financially. As of January 7, we had received $11,937 in donations and fundraising. Our expenses were $7,283. This means that we had an excess of about $4,654. This is about $1,800 MORE than last year.

The excess amount we raised will stay in the “Our Lady of Guadalupe Fund” to be used for other parish expenses that may occur in the year to come.

As financially “successful” as the Guadalupe festivities were, what is more wonderful is the attendance, participation and involvement of so many of you. It was truly a joy to see! God bless each one of you!

Jenny Meehan, Pastoral Associate/Business Manager