Pictures of Previous Event – Augustinian “Fidelitas” Award 2018

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May 22, 2018 – Pictures

On Tuesday, May 22, the feast of St. Rita, the parish, in the name of the Augustinian Friars, presented the Augustinian “Fidelitas” Award to three women who serve here. This award recognizes the dedicated and faithful ministry of people who collaborate with the Augustinian Friars in their pastoral service.

We congratulate the following recipients of this Fidelitas Award:

  • Jenny Meehan for the Ministry of Administration and for her many years associated with Augustinian parish ministry.
  • Juanita Castillo for the Ministry of Prayer and for 40 years being associated with St. Rita Parish – Chicago.
  • Imelda Salazar for the Ministry of Social Justice as a SWOP organizer helping to mobilize people within the community.

We are blessed to have these women and so many people within the parish and neighborhood who are committed and dedicated to serve.