Parish Ministry Fair

  • Are you interested in becoming a minister or volunteer in the parish?
  • Do you feel that you have something to offer to your parish, but you do not know how?
  • Do you have questions about a particular ministry of the parish?
  • Do you like to share your gifts and time with others?
  • Are you already a minister, but you want to do something else for your parish?

Every Sunday of August, in each Mass, a person will speak about a ministry and what are the requirements for the ministry.

To culminate the month, on Sunday, August 27, in each Mass, a minister will give a testimony about his/her experience and journey as a minister in St. Rita. And after each Mass, we will have a Ministry Fair in the parish garden during a breakfast. Various members of each ministry and group will be present in tables to give information, answer questions and doubts and to collect names of those who are interested. There will be giveaways/gifts and other surprises, also!

Join us to be part of our Month of Ministries!