Latest Pastor’s Messages

Bulletin Message – December 24, 2017

Dear Friends,

As we celebrate the Feast of Christ’s Birth, we are reminded of the lesson of humility, God descending upon us as a child dependent upon his family and community of believers.

Humility is the foundation of all virtue because we place ourselves in the loving hands of God who guides us on our faith journey. Humility can never be thematic in our lives in the sense that it is something temporary that we do. Rather it must be an attitudinal posture that we cultivate daily. Humility leads us to the recognition that the Father, in His Mercy, accompanies us and identifies with us through Jesus Christ. Jesus never missed the opportunity to teach a lesson of humility and not only with words. From the beginning He was born in humble circumstances and continued to live humbly through His mission to the poor, the afflicted, the stranger and the lowly. He lifted people up from the darkness of hurt, rejection, anger and loneliness. He makes himself present in the Sacramental Life of the Church, especially in Word and Eucharist. He makes himself present to us through the good that we are and the good that we do.

Sharing our giftedness, we build up the Body of Christ by creating an atmosphere of welcoming and hospitality as we walk together toward our future exploring how best we contribute to a Church that is vibrant and inclusive to all who seek God with a sincere and humble heart.

Humility is a gift that God is very generous in giving. We ask Him to grant us this gift. What will we give in return?

A Blessed Christmas to all!

Fr. Tony Pizzo, OSA Pastor

Bulletin Message – December 24, 2017

Dear Friends,

I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge the participation of so many of you in the Guadalupe celebrations here at St. Rita. After nine days of the novena, we gathered together in prayer as a community to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe with “las mañanitas” and the Solemn Mass on December 12. The members of our parish groups deserve praise and thanks for their dedication, commitment and generosity that contributed to making these celebrations meaningful:

  • Jenny Meehan for her overall leadership and coordination of the details.
  • Pablo Burgos for his coordination of the details of all the food, the social, the decoration of the Hall, and to Salvador Ortiz and Imelda Padilla for helping him with everything.
  • Fr. Homero Sanchez and his team of many people for decorating the image of Guadalupe and making the “cerrito”.
  • The catechists of religious education for decorating St. Augustine Hall.
  • Alfonso Santoyo, many “Marias” and all those who attend daily mass for their help with the flowers and the decoration and clean up of the church.
  • Juanita Castillo and Maria Andrade for picking up the roses and all those who cut and arranged them.
  • Aracely Garcia for making the arrangements of roses.
  • The Youth of our parish and of the other Augustinian parishes and schools that participated in the novena on Friday.
  • Estephany and Monzerrat Rodriguez for selling items in the gift shop each night.
  • Javier and Joel Guerrero for cleaning the church after the Mass on the 12th.
  • Mario Trujillo and the faithful choir members for their commitment and musical talents each night.
  • The rest of the Guadalupana Committee represented by various people from the parish for all their talents and work.
  • The Indios de Tepeyac for their dance.
  • Manuel Cervantes and his Mariachi group for their talents on December 12.
  • All the parish group representatives for serving at each night of the novena.
  • Imelda Padilla and Maria Luisa Ceniceros for helping with the liturgical arrangements and all the liturgical ministers (priests, deacons, lectors, ministers of communion, ministers of hospitality, and altar servers).
  • So many of you who have been so generous to our community with your time, culinary skills, hard labor, and financial gifts (there will be a complete report of the finances in the bulletin in the coming weeks).
  • All of you who attended our celebrations, for your commitment and fidelity.

The repair and reconstruction of the Guadalupe Chapel on the West side of the Church has been a labor of love by many who have donated their time and abilities to realize a vision that Fr. Homero and I had last year to improve the humble project of several years ago. The leadership of many people has been exceptional in making this happen. Cesar Rodriguez and Federico Padilla along with several other workers executed the simple idea to beautify the parish garden on the Fairfield side of the parish church. Thank you also to Claudia Ocon for painting the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. There will be a special inauguration and dedication scheduled for Sunday, May 20, 2018 as we begin the holy triduum of our patron Saint Rita of Cascia.

May God bless all of you, the community of St. Rita Parish, during this Christmas Season.


In His Peace,
Fr. Tony Pizzo, OSA Pastor