For Lent this year here at St. Rita, we are constructing a Wall of LOVE on the church fence on 63rd and Fairfield. It is ready, but we need everyone’s help to decorate it. Starting on Sunday, March 17, we have 6 inch hearts for each family to take to write something on it. We are asking for one of the following:

  • Your favorite quote or Scriptural verse about love, peace, acceptance, etc.
  • The name of someone you know who was deported or who wants to come to the United States.
  • An act of mercy or justice that you or your family has performed this Lent.

Once you write your message on the heart, please put them in the box that we will have at the back of church and we will then attach all these hearts on our ST. RITA WALL OF LOVE. Help us send a message to our whole neighborhood and the world that we stand for LOVE and not for discrimination and hate.