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Bulletin Message – December 1, 2019

Dear Members of St. Rita Parish:

A new liturgical year has arrived, the Advent Season is here!

The Season of Advent is a time of special preparation for Christmas. It is a time of waiting, it is the time of the Church. This time of Advent is a special time of preparation for the coming of the Lord.

From this First Sunday of Advent, we have four fantastic weeks of preparation for the coming of our Savior, the Emmanuel, God-with-us. This is a good time to ask ourselves: What do I want for Christmas? How is it that God would find me upon his arrival this December 25? Do I have space in my heart for him to take shelter upon his arrival?

In this time of waiting, perhaps in our questioning, we should focus a little more of our energy to ask ourselves: What do I carry in my heart? What kind of feelings have I been carrying that are burdening it? In this time of waiting we must consider that if our heart is full of negative feelings such as hatred, envy, discord, resentment, or feelings of revenge, then we will have no place for Christ to be born and dwell in our hearts.

I sincerely hope that this time of Advent, a time of preparation, we can live it with humility and sincerity, ready and willing to change our negative feelings and to empty our heart of anything that prevents Christ from being incarnated among us.

Let us hope that every member of our precious parish of St. Rita can participate, to the extent that he or she can, in each one of the celebrations that we have in this time of Advent: our Novena of Our Lady of Guadalupe from December 3-11 with Rosary and Confessions at 6 pm and Mass at 7 pm every evening, and on her Solemnity on December 12, and after that in our Parish Posadas from December 16-23. More details are found on pages in our bulletin about both of these.

May God-with-us be manifested in our hearts during this time of Advent.

Fr. Homero Sánchez, OSAPastor of St. Rita of Cascia Parish