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Bulletin Message – April 21, 2019

Dear Friends,

The Lord has risen! Alleluia, alleluia!

Brothers and sisters the time of Easter has come. our Lord Jesus Christ has conquered death and with his victory our sins have been forgiven. Christ Jesus has passed from death to life and with his resurrection he has given us a new life. The time of sorrow, suffering and penance has come to an end. Christ has conquered death and with his victory the time of joy has begun.

The Resurrection of Jesus invites us to live a new stage in our lives. For Forty long days, we have lived more intensely prayer, fasting and charity. With these Lenten practices we suffered and went hungry with the Forsaken Christ in the streets, in prisons, and in detention centers.

For Forty days we have shared in a special way our sense of being Christians helping others through the Lenten acts of justice and mercy organized in our parish of Santa Rita, as well as by our own commitments of abstinence and exercises of charity for the needy. We have been reconciled with Christ through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In a word, we have prepared ourselves for this moment of happiness.

Around us we see how the flowers begin to blossom, the trees begin to be filled with life, and the sun starts to shine with more intensity. The Resurrection of Christ calls us to rise also with him, to have life, to lift ourselves up and to love more intensely.

We, like the disciples, also run out to see the abandoned tomb. We, as they did, also realize that we cannot keep looking for Christ in the darkness of an empty tomb. Christ is alive, Christ is risen! Let us look no longer in the sadness of grief and sin but instead to what has been forgiven and given new life.

Today begins the new stage of the living and resurrected Christ. Today Christ tells us that he is not in the cold, empty tomb, that he has not been left dead or forgotten. Today Christ reminds us that he lives in the midst of us, in our brothers and sisters, in the people we love, but also in whom we often forget.

Today, more than ever, Christ invites us to live with joy, enthusiasm and love. May the joy of knowing that Christ has risen be a motivation to continue to live with enthusiasm the faith he has given us with his resurrection.

May the Lord, by the grace of his Resurrection, teach us to practice more faith, hope and charity with whom we meet on our journey of life.

May the Lord Jesus who has Risen bless each one of you! Alleluia, alleluia! Happy Easter!
Fr. Homero Sánchez, OSAPastor of St. Rita of Cascia Parish