Renew My Church – Archdiocesan Initiative


Beginning July 1, 2020, St. Rita of Cascia will remain as a parish, with St. Clare of Montefalco being a chapel/worship site of St. Rita of Cascia. One parish, two sites. Fr. Homero Sanchez, OSA, will continue as the pastor. In the next months, we will discover more of what this all means and all the details, but the most important thing to know is that St. Rita will continue as a parish and there will be Masses, devotions, and activities at both sites, under the leadership of one pastor and staff.


Latest Renew My Church Articles (PDF)

Our Renew My Church Process

Dear Parishioners,

The Archdiocese of Chicago is engaging in a historic process of spiritual renewal and revitalization called Renew My Church, which will breathe new life into our methods of sharing the Gospel so as to be a Church and home marked by more faithful discipleship, loving community, and inspired witness. Initiatives to help us achieve this vision range from pastoral leadership programs and vocation discernment to faith-in-action efforts, such as anti-violence and immigrant support. The heart of our Renew My Church efforts is the parish grouping process, the aim of which is to create vital, sustainable, disciple-making parishes.

The parishes of our local area have begun the grouping-level discernment and planning process. Our grouping includes:

  • St. Basil/Visitation
  • St. Clare of Montefalco
  • St. Gall
  • St. Rita of Cascia
  • St. Simon the Apostle

What does this mean for us?Continuing through January 2020, we will work with our fellow grouping parishes to provide the archdiocese, Cardinal Cupich, and our vicariate bishop feedback regarding the parish structures and ministerial needs for the future of our community.

We will be asked to honestly assess our current and long-term challenges, identify strengths and opportunities to build upon, and evaluate how we need to operate differently as a faith community to best serve our mission. These will be challenging and exciting discussions about moving into the future as the Church of our local area.

Throughout the next several months, we are encouraged to get to know each other across the parishes and schools in the grouping. Opportunities for doing so will be shared. The archdiocese will also offer a ‘Renew My Church 101’ session during Lent for parishioners to have an opportunity to learn more and ask questions. In the meantime, more information is available online at

As we begin this important work, let us remember that it is Jesus Christ who calls us to constantly renew His Church. And it is together that we will respond to our Lord’s invitation to create a strong, sustainable foundation upon which we can bring those we love and those on the margins into a personal encounter and lifelong relationship with Him as disciples of Jesus Christ in His Church.

Rev. Homero Sánchez, OSA
Administrator of St. Rita of Cascia Parish