Explanation of “Where do my second collection donations go?”

As you know, almost every week here at St. Rita there is a second collection. Although it may just become routine to put your envelope or money in the basket, we want to take this opportunity to explain to you where this money goes.

Capital Building Fund Collection – This collection, taken once a month, is put into the bank account we have with the Archdiocese that we can access at any time to pay for large capital projects and repairs. In the past, these donations have been used to pay for things like the major tunnel repairs, roof repairs, and sanctuary floor repairs, etc.

Maintenance Fund – This collection, taken once a month, is also put into the bank account we have with the Archdiocese. However, this collection is used for more routine (less expensive) maintenance issues and repairs, such as helping to pay for the heat bill, cleaning and routine maintenance of the church, boiler repairs, parking lot repairs and maintenance, hot water heater replacements, etc.

Social Ministry Fund – This collection, taken once a month, is used to pay/donate for several things. They include: 1) our quarterly dues to be a member of the Southwest Organizing Project, 2) a monthly donation to the Archdiocese Office of Dignity and Human Affairs, specifically for their Pastoral Migratoria Ministry to immigrants, 3) a monthly donation to the organization Almost Home, which provides several resources and help for the homeless within the community. The remainder of what is collected goes into a special poor fund we have that we use to supplement the food in our food pantry as well as other special requests we get from parish and neighborhood families.

Archdiocesan Collections – There are several other collections during the year, including Catholic Charities, Peter’s Pence, Catholic Campaign for Human Development, etc. All these other collections are mandated by the Archdiocese and are done in every parish. These funds collected get sent to the Archdiocese who then distribute them to each group.

Finally, while we do not take a second collection for it, every month there is another envelope in your packets for St. Anthony Parish. They are our “Sharing Parish” located on the far South Side who we have been helping with donations for several years. They are extremely grateful for the assistance we provide to them each month. What the future of this relationship will be depends on what is decided with the Renew My Church process we are currently in.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of where exactly your money goes each week. As we always say, it is true that this parish depends upon your support… prayers, time, talent, and financially. We thank you for your continued generosity to keep St. Rita Parish the great community that we are!

Jenny Meehan – Pastoral Associate and Business Manager