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December 3-12, 2018 Pictures


Dear Friends,

I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge the participation of so many of you in the celebrations of Our Lady of Guadalupe here at St. Rita. After nine days of the novena, we gathered together as a community to honor Our Lady with “las mañanitas” and the Solemn Mass on December 12. The members of our parish groups deserve praise and thanks for their dedication, commitment and generosity.

  • The team of people who decorated the image of Our Lady and the Cerrito.
  • Dora Lopez, Maria Martinez and all the people of the daily Mass for their help with the flowers and the decoration and cleaning of the church.
  • Juanita Castillo for picking up the roses and all those who cut and arranged them.
  • Aracely Garcia for making the arrangements of roses.
  • Felipa y Blas Hernandez for bringing donuts from Huck Finn each night.
  • Clara and Oscar Ordoñez and all the people of the “Danza de Santa Rita”.
  • Mario Trujillo and the faithful choir members for their commitment and musical talents.
  • The Mariachis from Cristo Rey High School and the group “Galleros de America”.
  • Imelda Padilla, Elisa Melecio and Maria Luz Hernandez for helping with the liturgical arrangements and all the liturgical ministers (priests, deacons, lectors, ministers of communion, ministers of hospitality, and altar servers).
  • Federico Padilla for building the platform for the procession on December 12.
  • Salvador Ortiz for coordinating the coffee and bread after the mañanitas.
  • All the parish group representatives for serving at each night of the novena.
  • The Fiestas Committee for decorating the Hall and organizing the social after the Solemn Mass.
  • The rest of the Guadalupana Committee represented by various people from the parish.
  • La Ley Radio Station for donating calendars and tamales and for announcing our celebrations on the radio.
  • And to so many of you who have been so generous to our community with your time, culinary skills, hard labor, and financial gifts (there will be a complete report of the finances in the bulletin in the coming weeks).
  • All of you who attended our celebrations, for your commitment and fidelity…

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! May God bless all of you.

In His Peace,
Fr. Homero Sánchez, OSAAdministrator of St. Rita of Cascia Parish