Welcome to Our Parish Family!

  • We are an Augustinian Parish, founded in 1905 by the Priests of the Order of St. Augustine who continue to serve our Parish.
  • We are a diverse and welcoming people coming from different ethic and economic backgrounds that share a faith in Jesus Christ.
  • We are a spirit-led people nourished through God’s Word and at the table of the Eucharist that unites us as one family.
  • We are a hospitable and warm people who celebrate the living presence of God in our families, neighborhood, and world through the ministries, services, organizations and events we offer.
  • We are a generous people practicing Stewardship by offering our Time, Talent, and Treasure.
  • We are caring and supportive people serving the poor and those in need of our parish and the larger community.

As a Parish Community we rejoice that you are joining us in our journey of Faith. We invite you to become involved in the spiritual life of our Parish through your presence at Mass and your participation in the many ministries and activities we offer.

We are each called by our baptism to serve as disciples of Christ. We encourage you to take an active and responsible role in building a better Church and a better world by living the life of Stewardship through the sharing of your Time, Talent and Treasure.

Please know that we are here to offer you our support and prayers in all the joys, sorrows and struggles that will touch your life. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate calling our parish office. We will be happy to serve you in any way possible.

In Christ,
Rev. Homero Sanchez, OSA
Pastor – St. Rita of Cascia