Sacrament of the Marriage and Community Weddings

CONGRATULATIONS! – St. Rita parish wishes to congratulate you on your preparations to receive the Sacrament of the Marriage.

Who may marry in our parish church?

All those who are able to be married in the Roman Catholic Church are welcome to get married in St. Rita Parish.

It is also necessary to be free to marry (no existing bond) and that there be an understanding and acceptance of what the Church teaches concerning the Sacrament of Marriage. We are happy to assist those who may need to obtain an annulment of any previous bond; however, no date for a marriage can be set until this process is completed.

How much does a wedding cost?

The cost of a wedding at St. Rita Parish is a donation of $300.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 will be due at your initial meeting with the priest or deacon.  Payment in full is required at least one week before the wedding.

How do we set our wedding date?

  • The first interview for your wedding must be made at least SIX months before the anticipated wedding date.
  • You may set your wedding date only upon successful completion of the initial interview with the parish priest or deacon. Please call the parish office at 773-434-9600 to speak to a priest or to leave a message. Or you may send a question / request online to the office.
  • Weddings are scheduled on Saturdays either at 2 pm or 4 pm. Weddings may be scheduled for Fridays as well.

Instructions and Formation Sessions

Parish Instructions for Marriage (PDF)

Marriage Formation Sessions 2022-2023 in Spanish (PDF)

Are you already married civilly?
Do you find it difficult to pay for an entire wedding yourself?

If you are interested in participating in our communal wedding ceremony and preparation, please call the parish office if you are interested in this unique and special way to get married in the Catholic Church.