Pictures of Previous Event – Posadas and Christmas Masses 2019

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December 16-25, 2019 Pictures

Message from Deacon Oscar Gonzalez – Thanks to César and Ana Rodriguez and their appreciable family, to Don Isaias Contreras, Monica Guerrero and her family, Laura Murillo, Fabian Perez and family, Federico Padilla and Imelda Padilla, Angelina Retama, and Father Homero Sanchez and all those who made possible the celebration of the Posadas 2019. We enjoyed tamales, fritters, granny chocolate, sodas and hundreds of gifts and of course their pleasant presence. Merry Christmas and a New Year 2020 full of Blessings!

Message from the Parish Staff – We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Deacon Oscar Gonzalez and Fabian and Laura Pérez for coordinating the Posadas again this year. Thanks to his coordination and enthusiasm, as well as the cooperation and generosity of the parish leaders and groups that participated, the Posadas were a very well-attended and much enjoyed time for everyone, especially our children. Thank you for bringing this much loved tradition to its fullness at St. Rita!

Thank you to all the children who participated in the Pastorela during the Christmas Eve and Day Masses. From the staff and Augustinians of St. Rita Parish… Merry Christmas!